What are the Styling Tips to Wear Kurta Pajama?

Ethnic wear for men has one staple answer- the evergreen kurta pajama. There was once a time when the classic kurta pajama seemed to be falling behind in the era of jeans, t-shirts, and the suit. But the tides are changing, and there is a renewed interest from both national and global quarters in the kurta pajama.

Nowadays, people want to reinvent the kurta pajama. So many are looking for new ways to wear this traditional style. As a result, to put an end to this dilemma, we are here with the top 4 stylish tips for Kurta pajama for men:

Top 4 Styling Tips For Men

  1. Bring In A Jacket Into The Mix

Let us start this list with a classic jacket. Know that with so many types and styles of jackets available in the market, there's a wide variety at your fingertips. Whether you are heading to a party or a wedding, a stylish jacket will level up your kurta pajama.

However, most men tend to pair up their kurta pajamas with a traditional short jacket. But before deciding on the jacket, it's advised that you consider the kurta pajama design, color, and texture.

After all, it will not be very stylish to wear a bright orange jacket with a brown kurta pajama. So keep such factors in mind before pairing the jacket with a kurta pajama.

  1. Try A Stole

Want to look stylish and regal? Then a stole is just the thing you want. Drape it in a U-shape around your kurta pajama to get the royal look. However, the U-shape isn’t the only style that will give you the air of sophistication.

You can also hang a stole on one shoulder of your kurta pajama or wrap the stole around your back before wounding it on your forearm to get that same effect. But if you want a more casual look with your Kurta pajama in Brampton, then drape the stole around your neck.

  1. Accessorize And Shine

The best twist you can give your classic kurta pajama is a modern one. So pair your kurta pajama with a pocket brooch or some stylish pins. Know that if you are getting ready to go to a wedding or a formal event, then gemstone accessories along with a draped shawl will put all admiring eyes on you.

  1. Put On A Turban

Want to enter the party location with some swagger to accompany your sharp kurta pajama? Then put on a swanky turban on your head.

Nowadays, turbans are available in various colors, styles, and textures, so there's a lot of variety for you to choose from.

Also, plenty of turbans are made with lightweight materials. So you don't have to worry about it hurting your head. Also, here's a mini tip for you: if you don't know how to tie a turban, then don't worry, there are multiple kinds of ready-made turbans available in the market.

There are plenty of ways you will be able to stylize your kurta pajama. However, make sure that you consider the color, design, and length of the kurta pajama along with the clothing you are using to style it with. Keeping these in mind will allow you to look the perfect mix of trendy and traditional.

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