Blog - Top Indian artificial jewelry trends to watch out for in 2018

By System Administrator 4/30/2018 3:04 AM

Wedding season is fast approaching and we know you’re all geared up for preparations. A major aspect of weddings, especially traditional Indian ones, is the jewelry. A lot of time is invested in selection of the perfect pieces. When something is so important, it’s always good to be informed of its latest trends. Indian jewelry is no exception. Designers keep on experimenting with different tastes and themes in mind. We headed over to Ash Creations for our quest of latest Indian Artificial Jewelry in Brampton and we’re listing the hottest trends to look forward to in 2018.

Nature inspired jewelry

Earrings with honeycomb maze design or a rose petal ring, nature rules everywhere. Nature inspired jewelry is the raging trend today and we cannot overlook how celebs love it too. Especially if your bridal dress has nature inspired elements in embroidery and cut, this trend is just for you. There’s a wide range to choose from and you can take your pick from bangles to earrings to necklaces.

Pearl jewelry

Pearls are being used in jewelry for ages, donned proudly by aristocrats and royalty. But today, almost everyone can afford genuine pearls. Use of pearls in traditional bridal jewelry is fast becoming popular. There are many interesting pearl pieces to choose from. You can go for gold and pearl necklace or bracelet. It’s pretty versatile and goes well with every dress.

Smooth, fluid lines

When it comes to jewelry, the trend shifts towards less is more. Minimalistic jewelry with smooth, fluid lines and uncomplicated designs are gaining popularity as bridal jewelry sees a contemporary shift. Simple, beautiful, and elegant. Such jewelry can be worn with highly embellished high neck jackets worn over equally elaborate Lehenga.

Layered pieces
What do you do when you have so many jewelry pieces and you can’t decide which one to wear? You can actually wear many at the same time. By stacking accessories and different pieces together, you can create a unique and different look while wearing many of your favorites at once. Layer long and short, heavy and light necklaces, or bangles, or earrings. The combinations are endless.

These are the popular Indian Jewelry trends. For a wide range of Indian artificial jewelry in Brampton, visit Ash Creations.