Blog - How to Choose the Right Bridal Jewelry?

By System Administrator 9/19/2018 12:01 AM

A woman is incomplete without her jewelry, it is an integral part of her life. When it comes to the biggest day of her life, the day she becomes a bride, it is even more important to choose the right jewelry that enhances her personality further. Every bride's dreams of looking like a princess and jewelry can make that dream come true but having said that a bride wants jewelry that is distinct and unique, just like her. An essential part of the bride's wedding trousseau, a jewelry accentuates the bride's aura.

Before we go any further, the first and the foremost thing to remember is to plan your jewelry as soon as the wedding date is fixed. If you are thinking of getting a jewelry made especially to go with your outfit, it may take a little over a month or if you want an existing design tweaked it will take around a week or two. Another thing to keep in mind is a set budget only for jewelry and plan accordingly.

Tips to keep in mind:

Neckline and Necklace silhouette - As designers are getting more experimental and make exquisite designs, one thing to consider is the neckline and whether it goes along with the necklace silhouette. If the silhouette of the necklace doesn't match with the neckline, the beauty of the dress, as well as the gracefulness of the necklace, will be marred.

Go detachable - Mostly the bridal jewelry is so heavy that it can be impossible to wear them after one's wedding. It is better to invest in a jewelry which can be worn rather than kept hidden somewhere, for this it is better to go for a detachable option. A multi-wearable or a detachable jewelry is high in demand due to its easy mechanism and ease of wearing in multiple ways.

Match your earrings with the hairstyle - Another thing to keep in mind is the hairstyle you'll be supporting on your d-day. Visualizing what your hairstyle will be can help you decide whether it will go with the jewelry or not. Try it beforehand to get a clear picture and if needed, alter the designs accordingly.

Revamping your mother's jewelry - There's no denying that old is gold. Borrowing your mother's jewelry will add an emotional value to your jewelry on the most special day of your life and will also be unique only to you.

Match jewelry to the occasion - You can experiment with a maang tika or a pendant and earring set for a light occasion like Mehendi as the hands need to be bare. For engagement all the focus should be on the ring, so keep the jewelry to the minimum. A wedding calls for heavy traditional jewelry, try to match jewelry with your outfit. Reception being more relaxed, you can try colored gemstones to either compliment the dress or be in contrast with it.

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