Blog - Indian Bridal Lehenga trends to follow in 2018

By System Administrator 4/3/2018 5:49 AM

Hear from them as to what are the latest trends in bridal wear this wedding season.

Sequin Lehenga

They say you can never go wrong with sequins and crystals. Recent celebrity weddings have given us some sequin goals too. But how much is too much?

An all sequin ensemble in bright gold and silver is a strict no no. If you do need an all sequin attire, go for champagne colored sequins or bronze will look exquisite. Too much gold and silver is downright outlandish. 

All sequin dress is rather tricky to make and the design should be minimalistic. No added frills,no ruffles. Just a simple cut blouse with a simply layered lehenga will do the trick. Same with the jewelry. Sequins are already adding much bling to the whole look. You don't need to overdo that.

This attire is best for reception functions or engagement function. 

Move to more bold and contemporary colors

Time and again celebrities and designers have ditched the stereotypes to come up with a bold and eccentric bridal look. While we say it's easy for them to carry such a look while it has least practical implications, it's quite the opposite. We can always derive what's practical and possible from every runway look.

The same can be said about the color scheme. While it's difficult to imagine a wedding dress to be all black, we can incorporate this color in embroidery or accessories to bring out the other colors more vividly in contrast. Black makes every other color stand out. Use of other bold and bright colors is also in vogue and new age brides are making most of this trend.

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